Why R?
R is now considered as the most popular analytic tool in the world and is the top choice in most of the surveys. It is having a cross-platform which runs on many operating systems. R has become a game changer in the analytics industry. Over the time, the core team expanded and thousands of people from around the globe have contributed to making R the way it is now. Career in R programming offers bright job prospects for any data scientist. Indian companies are increasingly looking at R. Genpact, Accenture and Wipro are encouraging their staff to build expertise on R and associated technologies. Companies like Google, Facebook, Genpact, Accenture, MuSigma and many others are adopting the R platform.
What in R?
R language is an open source programming language. Its main focus is on statistics, data analysis, machine learning and graphical models. It is an interpreted language. It supports procedural programing with functions, supports OOPs with generic functions, and supports matrix arithmetic. Its programming features include database input, exporting data, viewing data, variable labels, missing data, etc. It has effective data handling and storage facilities. It has facilities to print the reports for the analysis performed in the form of graphs either on-screen or on hardcopy. In R, with the help of only a few lines, you can write statistical models. We can easily use complex formulas. Also, we can use kind of statistical tests and models. We can use R packages to communicate ideas and methods for statistical analysis. With few lines of code, one can draw graph, histogram, Bar Plot, Line charts, Pie charts, Boxplots, scatter plots etc.Hence, engineers, statistician, and scientist those are not having knowledge of computer programming skills find it easy to use.
Career in R?
R jobs are not only being offered by IT companies but all types of companies are hiring High paid R candidates including:
Financial firms
Retail organizations
Healthcare organizations etc.
Few Examples where companies using R for analytics:
Google uses R to calculate the ROI of advertising campaigns.
Ford uses R to improve the design of its vehicles.
Twitter uses R to monitor user experience.
The US National Weather Service uses R to predict severe flooding.
The Human Rights Data Analysis Group uses R to quantify the impact of war

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